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VideoStorm Sweden AB today released Vidine a software package that offers anyone private thumbnailed albums for offline video clips. Vidine is a video clip management software for Windows that presents synopses of large quantities of video files. Visual search and keywords allow users to find scenes inside videos in a natural way without pressing play. Vidine is priced for private used but similar in functions to professional software used by media houses working with vast numbers of videos.

Vidine is a video clip management software for Windows designed to handle thousands of video files on a standard PC. The program extracts a wall of thumbnail images to represent all scenes in each video. This provides a visual search through inside video files. Each thumbnail doubles as a playable bookmark for that scene and is manually enriched with keywords for filtering and searching.

Vidine is a personal video clip management software for Windows with a changeable user layout to support one or multiple screens of different sizes. Each video is represented by a wall of thumbnail images that combined provides an overview of the total collection. New thumbnails and keywords can be added manually by the user. Search by keywords to find all individual scenes in the entire album matching that keyword.

Vidine is a Windows PC tool for private video collections. It is easy to setup and need no server, internet services or cloud storage. It can be used to handle your unstructured vacation footage, digitized home movies, converted super8 or 8mm childhood movies, downloaded internet videos, screen captures, mobile video snaps, gaming vids and any other type of video file. Most common video formats are supported.

Vidine runs under Windows 10, 8.x and 7. A single-user license costs $98(US). You can download a 30 day trial version of Vidine for $1 from

video player in vidine

video player in vidine