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The video catalog window in Vidine is the center of the whole application. Once you have added some videos to your catalog take some time to get to know this window.

Here is a video where I go into some detail about the video catalog window:

The video catalog window shows, a possibly filtered, view of all your videos. The window can be in either report view or icon view, switch between the views by right clicking in the window select view

ID – ID is a unique id for the video given by the program, you normally don’t need to care about this one.
Preview – Preview thumbnail, this can be changed.
Title – Title of the video, this is the filename but without the file type extension.
Path – Complete path to the video.
Length – Length of the video clip.
Rating – Your rating for the video, you can change this straight from the list.
Added – Time when the video was added to the catalog.
Link – Optional link to a web page related to the video.
Size – The file size of the video file.

If you click any of the columns you sort the videos on that column, click again to sort in the reverse order. You can re-arrange the columns as you would like them including changing the size of a column. Note that it is also possible to change the size of the thumbnail column. Talking about the thumbnail column, the thumbnail is by default the first captured frame in the video and always added when a new video is added. You can easily change the thumbnail image by right-clicking any frame in the video and select “Use image as video thumbnail” from the context menus.

The layout you select for the video catalog window is saved in your layout between program runs, so you only need to set it up once, or once per layout.