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Get instant overview of your entire video collection and protect your privacy


What is Vidine?

Vidine is a Windows PC based solution for viewing, managing and building your entire private video clip collection. We have developed and perfected this technology for more than 7 years. So far it has only been available as a profesional video solution to help organizations work efficiently with large video collections. Vidine now brings this power to personal use and at an attractive price. When you try Vidine for $1 you will discover a safer and better way to enjoy your personal video collection. Vidine will give you an instant overview of your entire video collection. It will make it quick and easy to jump between videos and enjoy all your downloaded videos.

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What are users saying about Vidine?

"I love the tagging feature and the ability to jump into scenes based on the image tile."

"Splitting videos up into scenes and being able to tag/categorize them is incredibly helpful. I also appreciate being able to create my own thumbnails for each video..."

"The ability to visualize large unorganized collections of video clips and especially the thumbnails "

"The fast and thorough indexing of video files this feature is what makes the product stand out. "

"This is the only robust app that properly creates a catalog of scenes from videos. "

"Excellent product - there is nothing else like it in the market "

"No other program quite like it. that i have found. "

"Best thing ever invented for sorting through large groups of misc clips from multiple sources "

"For managing a large video collection, it's the best program I've found. "

Protect your privacy

Protecting your privacy

Vidine ensures only you have access to your video clips. Vidine achives this through encryption of your catalog and selected videos. Simply select a password and noone but you will be able to browse your collection. Add extra security and mask sensitive videos with 256 bit AES encryption so they can only be viewed from inside the program. This adds an extra level of protection when someone gets access to your computer. Vidine runs 100% on your local Windows PC. Nothing is stored in the cloud.

Get instant overview of your entire video collection

Contact sheet images has been used in Hollywood for ages to help editing. A contact image gives an instant overview of the filmed material during editing. Vidine automatically generates dynamic contact sheet images to give you an instant overview of an entire video clip. You can then keyword individual contact images for later retrieval and direct playback from that point in the clip.
Protect your privacy

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Get the FULL version of Vidine right now for just $1 for the first 14 days! + $97 after 14 day trial for a lifetime license.
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Payment is done securly through, Fastspring, a world leading third party payment processor. We never store your credit information or even have access to it.
Purchase includes one year of FREE updates.
Compatible with: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. MAC and Linux are NOT supported